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Design of the website Moodwood, an e-commerce platform for digital devices' accessories.


Redesign of the showcase website and e-commerce plateform of the brand Beertende®r, expert in draft beer systems.

Webdesign / Video / Product design / Print

Conception and design of a collaborative device which helps you to fight against food waste alongside your neighbours.


Conception of the print campaign for the exhibition "Charlot", organised for the 100th anniversary of the character's creation by Charlie Chaplin.


Design of the event website Support Your Bar, a game contest organized by the brand Heineken®.

Webdesign / Product design

Conception and design of an interactive and immersive device helping the intergenerational dialogue thanks to memories transmission.


Redesign of the booking website of the castles Châteauform, high-quality services specialised in seminar's organisation.


Design of Jeanne Garraud cover album, a young French singer and pianist.


Design of the website showcase dedicated to the new digital and eco-responsible Heineken bottle.

Webdesign / Print

Conception of a transmedia campaign, in the city of Geneva, celebrating the 20th year of the existence of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).


Screen writing and direction of a science fiction short film.

Visual identity / Photography / Print

Design of the visual identity and magazine of the brand Terre Étoilée, a French and traditional ceramic dishes' creator.


Creation of photographic series, symbolizing the Human personality's contradictions.


Design of an event website for the opening of a pop-up store in Paris, dedicated to the brand Sub®.

Video game

Design and animation of a mobile video game, relating the adventures of Dickman and the research of his beloved Vulverina.


Creation of a photo editing series, showing my personal obsession with hair and Art Deco.